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Mmm, Navitas Natural Dragonfruit Slices

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Navitas Naturals Dragon FruitFinally, the taste and the nutrition of the dragon fruit plant are being harnessed. Navitas Naturals have come out with a new orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc snack in the form of Dragonfruit Slices. These fruit slices come in the form of fruit leathers so they’re extra chewy while providing the powerful and exotic taste of dragon fruit within every bite. These delicious treats have a taste similar to that of mangos, pears, and kiwi fruit. If you love the aforementioned fruits, you’ll undoubtedly be a fan of these Dragonfruit Slices. The combination of the sweetness with chewiness makes for an interesting snack.

While these Dragonfruit Slices do taste great on their own, you can also toss them on top of a salad or add them to some yogurt and granola to spice up your meals. Navitas Naturals has provided a wonderful way to start off your day because dragon fruit can bring a lot to your diet, such as protein, omega 3s, antioxidants, iron, and fiber. The dried fruit is also high in vitamin C and B. All of these things will give you more energy to work with. This is a healthy snack that actually tastes good too. Navitas Naturals even goes so far as to avoid using GMOs in their products. These Dragonfruit Slices are vegan, raw, and certified organic so you know what you’re getting. Their process for drying the fruit out is to sun dry it, which is about as natural as it gets! Just when you were thinking the dragon fruit couldn’t get any better… this snack is also low in calories. It’ll be hard not to pig out on these delicious snacks!

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