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More Antioxidants Found in Organic Fruit

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More Antioxidants Found in Organic FruitMore Antioxidants Found in Organic Fruit

When you prioritize your health, it’s only natural to look for nutritious options when it comes to the food you eat. Products with antioxidants like organic fruit is one of those options.

A survey on pesticide residue and found out that even after 10 seconds of washing under runantioxidant-fruits.comng water, fruit like apples and grapes still have 97%-98% pesticide residue.

Antioxidant fruits like grapes and cherries are good sources of bioflavonoid nutrients. Organic fruit retains more of its nutritional content by 40%. Present in them are antioxidants like quercetin, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanidins.

Organic fruit is grown using natural fertilizers. Instead of spraying insecticides over the crops, farmers apply insect and bird traps that decrease their population and keep pests away from the fruit.

Organic farming manages weeds by rotating crops, mulching, tilling the soil or manually pulling out the weeds.

It has not been proven that eating organic fruit can make you healthier than eating non-organic fruit.This is probably also due to the fact that you would still need to exercise and opt for a healthier lifestyle to be fit and healthy.

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