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More Benefits and Uses of Fruits: Sapodilla- Tropical Treasure

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SapodillaThe Sapodilla fruit is the berry of a tropical evergreen tree and resembles a potato. It is native to the middle east and Mexico. It’s texture is like a pear with yellow to brown flesh and 3-5 seeds.

Many people are familiar with the old gum Chiclets. This is one of the natural sources of chicle.  This fruit is great for transport because it does not ripen on the tree but will only start once picked. When it is not ripe, it more resembles a kiwi. It has a sweet, malt like flavor and has been compared to a candied pear.

When looking at the beneficial properties of individual fruits, it is hard to find a tropical employing more benefits and uses of fruits. It is a fruit that helps digestion when boiled and can also be used that way to treat diarrhea. The leaves are made into a tea that helps control coughs and the flowers and unripened fruit are said to calm cardiac issues.

Making a poultice of the seeds draws venom out of spider and snake bites as well as scorpion stings. Crushed seeds are also used in an elixir that will break up kidney stones as well as clear any other urinary issue.

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