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More Smoothies For Life

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More Smoothies for Life: Satisfy, Energize, and Heal Your BodyNutrition is a complex field of study and with numerous diet fads and the like becoming widespread, who better than to explain the intricacies of a healthy smoothie than nutritionist Daniella Chace. The book More Smoothies For Life: Satisfy, Energize and Heal Your Body is a collection of 150 recipes that lets you enjoy various fruits mixed in blenders like Vita Mix 4500.

This smoothie recipe book has different recipes for pregnancy, to improve your libido, for muscle build up, to help reduce your blood sugar and blood pressure, and to help you sleep better. You can buy aronia and other berries to add flavor to the smoothies. There are also smoothie recipes to boost your immune system, enhance your brain activity and burn fats.

You can use blenders from Vitamix to help make energy-giving smoothies that can nourish your body from within. Aside from that, Chace also shares how each ingredient is medicinally good for your body. The book is available for $9.05 at

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