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Navitas Naturals Supplements and Smoothment 2013

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I love Navitas Naturals supplements – I love the packaging and the quality of the ingredients.  When sending me their supplements to review, Navitas Naturals has included a neat brochure in the box called, “Join the Smoothment”.  The brochure includes explanations of their various supplements but also includes recipes for smoothies.

I made 3 of the 4 smoothies in the brochure and shared the videos on YouTube:


Bountiful Berry Smoothie

Cherry-Berry Vitality Smoothie

These were all excellent – I liked the Bountiful Berry Smoothie and the Choco-Maca-Nana-Shake the most – and would just pick whichever one I was in the mood for – berry or chocolate.

The 2013 KISS (Keep It Simple Smoothies) Smoothment starts tomorrow with videos of Chef Julie Morris making the smoothies. It’s 7 weeks long and there are 7 smoothies total in those 7 weeks, published every Wednesday.

Sign Up for the 2013 Smoothment here.

Each recipe includes no more than 5 ingredients per smoothie.

To encourage participation, Navitas Naturals is offering discounts on their superfoods, a chance to win a weekly prize ($50 Gift Certificate) and a grand prize ($250 Gift Certificate).

Watch for a 25% discount on the Navitas ingredients featured in that week’s video.

Here is a list of the supplements you will need during this year’s smoothment:

Acai Powder
Cacao Powder
Camu Powder
Chia Seeds
Flax Seed Powder
Goji Powder
Hemp Powder
Hemp Seeds
Lucuma Powder
Maca Gel Powder
Maca Raw Powder
Maqui Powder
Wheatgrass Powder

Are you going to participate in this year’s smoothment?

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