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No More Wasted Veggies with Jack Lalanne Healthy Juicer Recipes

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Remember Jack Lalanne?  His juicing infomercials have been around for a long time and always give me the urge to eat healthier.  I really enjoy fruit and berries at breakfast, but I seem to waste a lot of the carrots and greens I buy for cooking.

With some Jack Lalanne juicer recipes, I think I can put to use some of the leftover vegetables I usually have in my refrigerator after a week of cooking dinner.  Some juice extractor recipes treat specific health problems as well if used in the proper combination – and not just during cold and flu season!

We all know that fruits and veggies are good for the heart, so why not make homemade juice that can help protect the heart, skin, eyes and even liver?  Weight loss programs often require a complete system flush.  Juicing can help with this detox.  Juicer detox recipes often include the very vegetables I have leftover – carrots and spinach.

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Many power juicer recipes blend both fruits and vegetables.  I’m looking forward to the cucumber celery cooler.  Though I wouldn’t have believed celery and cucumber make a tasty drink, combiantioxidant-fruits.comng them with the apple and lemon actually makes for a refreshing, slightly sweet snack that I feel good about.  After making one of my favorite dishes, shepherd’s pie, the next morning I can pop the two or three carrots that are always left into the juicer with practically any fruit for a healthy breakfast drink.  Maybe I can get my kids to eat spinach this way!

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