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Noni Berry

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Noni, Indian Mulberry, Nunaakai Tree Seeds 15+ Qty PackThere seems to be no end in sight when it comes to noni berry benefits. This fruit has “got it going on” when it comes to its antioxidant properties. Originating in Hawaii and Polynesia, natives have used this “magic fruit” for over 2000 years to treat ailments.

As one of many antioxidant fruits, the berry has quite a bit of value in the present age. With more research being done into free radicals and the damage they cause, it’s necessary for us to find a way to deal with this problem. These free radicals are oxygen molecules floating freely through the body and wreaking havoc on healthy cells. These healthy cells then become mutated, leading to damage to the immune system and an increase in aging problems.

The noni berry has even been seen to have quite the effect on cancer. The University of Illinois-Chicago tested noni berry products on lab animals and monitored the growth of cancer DNA. What they found was that there were significant reductions in the formation of heart, lung, liver, and kidney cancer. The same university even tested the effects of noni berry on cancer in smokers. Out of the 200 smokers who consumed the berry supplement in the trial, cancerous DNA was reduced by almost half.

In addition to its cancer fighting properties, noni is also able to effectively reduce cholesterol levels in humans and treat fungal infections. Due to its acidity level, high enough concentrations of the berry have been shown to have an anti-fungal effect on conditions like candida albicans.

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