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North Star Cherry

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North Star and Montmorency Cherries

The North Star cherry is a cultivar introduced in 1950 by the University of Minnesota. Like Morello cherries (its parent), the North Star cherry is a dark red color and has a rather tart taste. People love to use this cherry in pies because its color stays that same deep dark red, making the pie look more appealing (some cherries turn yellowish in the process).

The North Star cherry is one of those types of cherries that is not only tasty but also very aesthetically pleasing. The tree that bears this fruit is extremely resistant to cold temperatures, and the fruit of it ripens around mid-June. Similar to other sour/tart cherry trees, this one is self-pollinating.

Many people like to plant North Star cherry trees because they look great as decorations in your yard. The white flowers that blossom on them are just beautiful! Unlike other trees of cherries (such as Raiantioxidant-fruits.comer cherries), the North Star tree will only grow to about ten feet tall. Rainier cherries’ trees often grow to 30 feet. As you can see, if you have limited space like a suburban backyard, you’ll want to opt for planting North Star cherries. These trees are also great to attract birds to your home; they can’t resist the delicious North Star cherries, which is why you need to cover the tree in netting if possible.

Many people can’t handle tart tastes, so North Star cherries go well mixed with organic sweeteners when being prepared. You can also make a dry wine from them! The recipe for making dry wine from North Star cherries is relatively easy too. You can also go with making a jam or a pie filling – cherries are delicious in these preparations usually.

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