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Oliver’s Fruit Salad (Venture-Health and the Human Body)

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Oliver's Fruit Salad (Venture-Health and the Human Body)Oliver’s Fruit Salad (Venture-Health and the Human Body)

Luring kids to taste or eat fruit of any kind is a tedious task for almost all moms. Some try to trick their kids just so they take a bite or two of any available fruit in season.

In the book Oliver’s Fruit Salad, the author, Vivian French, gives emphasis on how to attract kids to read and learn by adding colors to the cover and texts. The color play as illustrated by Allison Bartlett is done in simple but fluid lines.

The story line is likewise simple and easy to digest. It focuses on how Oliver was enticed by his grandparents to eat fruits. It relates how Oliver’s mom is having a hard time pushing Oliver to take a bite of fresh fruit such as pears, apples or plums.

Finally, Oliver’s grandfather did the trick. He showed Oliver the fresh fruits he picked from his garden and made it into a delicious fruit salad.  Once the Oliver tasted the fruit salad, he realized that fruits do not only taste good but also are healthy and nutritious.

So, for moms out there, one way to help your child eat fruit is to read Oliver’s Fruit Salad by Vivian French.

You can buy Oliver’s Fruit Salad on for $5.67.

Do you have this book?  Did it help your kids eat fruit?  Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or join us on Facebook for a discussion.

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