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One of the Antioxidant Rich Fruits – Banana

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bananasPeople throughout the ages have used banana as desserts, while little do people know that deep within the soft fleshy fruits of banana lies a huge amount of antioxidant which could counteract the ill effect of free radicals in the body. In a study conducted in Monash University of Malaysia, they tried to determine the best antioxidant fruit. The study focused on antioxidant-fruits.comne Malaysian-grown antioxidant fruits and they evaluated the amount of antioxidant per equal serving of the fruits. Guava was basically exhibited the highest antioxidant content. However, banana was not far behind guava.

There are many health benefits one could derive from the regular consumption of banana. First, it includes fiber which basically helps in digestion. Moreover, its antioxidant properties such as beta-carotene, Selenium, lutein, and vitamins A, C and E are one of the richest among antioxidant rich fruits.

Carotenoids like beta-carotene, protects the body against diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Selenium, which is naturally found in banana, provides us some protection against AIDs, prostate cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis; while Vitamin C and E found in Banana helps in boosting our body system. So if one wants to stay healthy, everyday consumption of banana could be of great help to one’s health.


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