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One of the Best Antioxidant Fruits – Pineapple

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The good thing about antioxidant compounds is that they neutralize the negative effect of electron-deficient free radicals by giving away their electrons without becoming free radicals themselves. Yet in the human body system, there are plenty of free radicals so there is a need to ingest antioxidant fruits as much as possible to neutralize the free radicals. Experts have found out the fruits which have the most concentration of antioxidant. Here is one of the best antioxidant rich fruits—pineapple—which is a very delicious fruit.

Pineapple is a popular tropical fruit which has some potent antioxidant value. The ORAC value provided by USDA’s antioxidant data shows that the H-ORAC value for the pineapple is within 373; while the L-ORAC value is 12. The nutrients one can get of pineapple are vitamin C, manganese, fiber, vitamins B1 and B6, copper, folate, and calories. Vitamin C is the primary antioxidant of pineapple which protects the body from free radicals. Free radicals are known to produce atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, and airway spasms, damage of cells of the colon and contribute to joint pain and disability. Likewise, manganese and thiamin (vitamin B1) found in pineapple are helpful as antioxidant defenses and energy production.

Pineapple is nicely prepared as antioxidant fruit juice for one’s daily consumption. Thus, for extra energy and healthy diet, the inclusion of this antioxidant fruit—pineapple—in one’s daily diet, could greatly enhance a person’s immune system and limit the damaging effects of free radicals.


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