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Organic Dried Tart Cherries

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Eden Organic Dried Montmorency Cherries

Eden Organic Dried Montmorency Cherries

Organic dried tart cherries like so many other organic fruits have numerous uses in recipes that make the overall  product taste better and healthier for those that consume the creation.  First and foremost this dried fruit is a healthy snack that stands alone.  A dried fruit healthy snack is useful in many situations including any outdoor activity in which you or the children need to refuel quickly.  Take several small bags for children on long drives or as a half time treat during sports activities.  Carry a resealable bag when hiking, biking, or camping for an energy boosting, antioxidant snack that is sure to please.

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Maybe breakfast needs to be fast on those days that work and school seem to come too early.  Try orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc dried tart cherries mixed into a fruit drink to create a drink full of antioxidants.  The antioxidant fruit drink will fill you up and keep you healthy with a rich flavor.  Add organic dried tart cherries to hot oatmeal for additional flavor and a healthy alternative to sugar or other additives. The bakers in the family could even create homemade granola bars with chopped organic cherries for an antioxidant boost.  The uses are only as endless as your imagination.

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