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Organic Fruits You Should Buy

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Organic Fruits Yo Should BuyOrganic Fruits You Should Buy

Sometimes we can’t be too sure on the fruits and vegetables we bought from the supermarket. It is often overlooked that pesticide residue is present even after washing your fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that buying organic fruits and vegetables is better for your health.

So what are the fruits you should buy organic to avoid excessive pesticide residue? Here is a list of that group of fruits and the possible alternate fruits you can buy instead of them:

  1. Peaches- Topping the list with 62 pesticides present after washing, it is wise to get organic peaches. If they are unavailable, try getting grapefruit, watermelon, oranges or tangerines.
  2. Strawberries- results show residue of 59 pesticides. Go for pineapple or kiwi as replacements.
  3. Blueberries- the popular antioxidant has 52 pesticides left after picking.
  4. Apples– due to pests and fungi, apples are often doused with as much as 42 pesticides. Go organic or get bananas, tangerines or watermelons.
  5. Cherries- you might think that local cherries would be a safe bet but they are displayed with 42 kinds of pesticide residue. Try cranberries or raspberries if the grocers ran out of organic cherries.
  6. Grapes– the imported ones were tested to be with 34 pesticides. Opt for local organic grapes or raspberries and kiwis instead.

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