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Papaya and Pregnancy

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Papaya and PregnancyPapaya and Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, what she eats and drinks becomes a major concern. The obvious reason is because whatever the mother eats and drinks, the baby inside her also consumes. A woman’s pregnancy is dependent on many factors and eating the right food and having the proper exercise can make childbirth easier. One of the best fruits to consume while pregnant is the papaya.

The papaya is native to countries in Southeast Asia. With its orange flesh and round black seeds, the papaya is a favorite dessert, best served chilled. For the first trimester, eating unripe papaya is discouraged. Although the papaya fruit is one of those fruits rich in fiber and vitamins, the young papaya fruit is also rich in papaine. This is a proteolytic digestive enzyme that can induce abortion.

During the second and third trimester, pregnant women can eat ripe papaya. The papaya functions in regulating the bowel movement, prevent heartburns and irritable bowel syndrome. Most women experience constipation around this time since the baby gets to grow bigger and presses on the intestines. The papaine enzyme also now acts well in dissolving fats and in treating food allergies.

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