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Pequi Fruit for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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PequiChances are you have not heard of this antioxidant rich fruit. It is an orange fruit, smaller in size which has been the subject of much recent study among nutritionists. The whole tree is useful as food, medicine or in construction.  Unfortunately the taste of the fruit is very strong and takes some getting used to. However, with all of the many health benefits of having this fruit, an acquired taste is little to pay.

Pequi fruit has many antioxidants. It is one of the high antioxidant fruits that contains fatty acids in the monounsaturated form which is good for heart health and is the same substance found in olive oil and nuts. Research has found that this is a cholesterol lowering matter and reduces blood pressure. Another study done on athletes showed that the blood pressure in the participants was lowered along with their cholesterol levels.

In Brazil this fruit has been enjoyed for generations in as a snack, to add flavor to drinks, or to add to dishes in which fruits are good antioxidants and desirable ingredients. Pequi has also been shown to treat eczema and dry skin. Sadly,  it is not yet readily available in stores however because of this exciting research, hopefully it will be available soon. As the research continues we should keep an eye on the results. We just may find that the pequi is a superfruit.

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