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Elderberry Pic by Roger Butterfield

Picture Elderberry by Roger Butterfield

The elderberry plant produces some of the most wonderful opportunities for pictures. From blooms to berries and then jam or wine, the elderberry is an excellent candidate for photos throughout the growing and making process. has collected the photos below from a number of people around the world. Proper credit is given to each photographer, and you can certainly visit their websites by clicking on their names.

Below you’ll find:

  • What Elderberry Bushes Look Like
  • Elderberry Photos
  • Elderberry Plant Photos
  • Photos of Elderberry Jam
  • Picture Elderberry

The elderberry plant really makes a great subject for photography, especially because of all the changes that it goes through. From flowers to berries to ripe berries – the plant offers a wide variety of colors from the flowers, to the stem to the berries.

Many people like to make jam from elderberries, whereas others prefer to make elderberry wine.

Do you have an Elderberry photo that has a great story behind it? If so, we want to hear about it! Leave a comment below!

Lovely Elderberry Plant by Mike Hitzelberger

Lovely Elderberry Plant. Photo by Mike Hitzelberger.

Elderberry Plant with Flower Clusters

American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) Plant with Flower Clusters. Photo by Jim Baker.

Closeup of Elderberry Flower Head by Jim Baker

Picture Elderberry – Closeup of Elderberry Flower Head – Photographed in Southern Arkansas in late May. Photo by Jim Baker. This is a single flower cluster of an American elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) shrub. This cluster was about 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter (about the size of a soccer ball). In late summer, each flowerlet will produce a purple berry.

Closeup of Elderberry Flower Head – Photographed in Southern Arkansas in late May. Photo by Jim Baker. This is a closeup of the elderberry flower cluster showing the individual 5-petal flowers. Each flower is about 5 mm in diameter and generally produces a berry.

Elderberry Flowers by John Nevius
Elderberry Flowers. Photo by John Nevius.
Elderberries Not Yet Ripe by Alaskapine

Elderberries Not Yet Ripe. Photo by Alaskapine.

Elderberries by Laura Bell

Elderberries. Photo by Laura Bell.

Elderberries by Alex Skelly

Elderberries. Photo by Alex Skelly.

Elderberries by Dianna Smith
Elderberries. Photo by Dianna Smith.

Elderberry Blossoms by Dianna Smith

Elderberry Blossoms. Photo by Dianna Smith.

Elderberries in Stewart Falls, Utah
Elderberries in Stewart Falls, Utah. Photo by Raspberrytart.

Wild Elderberries by Chuck Harkins

Wild Elderberries. Photo by Chuck Harkins.

Red Elderberry (Sambucus Racemosa) by Jake

Red Elderberry (Sambucus Racemosa). Photo by Jake.

Elderberry Cluster by Sharon Talson

Elderberry Cluster. Photo by Sharon Talson.

Elderberries on a Bush

Elderberries on a Bush – Ripe and ready for Jelly Making Time! Photo by Jim Baker.

Mosaic of Elderberries to Jelly by Jim Baker
Mosaic of Elderberries to Jelly. Photo by Jim Baker.

Freshly Made Elderberry Jelly on Biscuits
Freshly Made Elderberry Jelly on Biscuits. Photo by Jim Baker.

Residual Elderberry Jelly in Cooking Pot by Jim Baker

Residual Elderberry Jelly in Cooking Pot. Photo by Jim Baker.

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