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Pink Grapefruit- An Antioxidant Rich Snack

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Grapefruit BenefitsIt is really hard to find a more healthy fruit snack. Pink Grapefruit is full of pectin, antioxidants and bioactive compounds that help the liver break down harmful toxins and lower cholesterol levels. In many ways it could qualify as one of the miracle fruits.

Pink Grapefruit has a much higher level of vitamins than it’s lighter colored counterpart. The detoxification properties of this citrus fruit have made it a popular part of many athlete’s diets.

The pectin is a natural antimicrobial and the main antioxidant present is lycopene. Like several other antioxidants, it gives the Pink Grapefruit it’s color. Lycopene is the antioxidant that has been studied for it’s role in preventing damage by free radicals that can cause conditions such as heart disease and cancers.

Pink grapefruit juice is great as an additive in your favorite fruit smoothie recipe, tastes good by itself or can be sweetened a bit with agave or a sweet fruit juice.

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