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Planting Dragon Fruit – What To Expect

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Planting Dragon Fruit – What To Expect

Dragon fruit growers can tell you that perseverance is one virtue you should possess when you start planting dragon fruit. There are 7 possible obstacles you might encounter along the way, before you can harvest the fruits of your labor.
"Dragon Fruit" Plantation
Here they are:

  1. Dothiorella sp. and Monilinia frucicula– Fungi that causes brown spots on your dragon fruits.
  2. Xanthomonas campestris – Bacteria that causes rotting to the stems of your plant.
  3. Scale insects – These are tiny insects that feed on the sap of your stems.
  4. Aspergillus sp. and Fusarium spp. – Plant pathogens that leave mold and causes decay for your pitaya plants.
  5. Birds and fruit bats – They like eating the fruits from your plant/s.
  6. Red ants – They like eating young stems.
  7. Heavy rainfall or frequent watering – Too much water may cause scab or circular brown-red lesions.

To ensure that your dragon fruit plant is in good condition, moderate temperature is advised.  Partial sunlight and porous soil mix can help keep the growing cactus plant moist. Aquaponics is also something you can employ unless you already have a suitable irrigation system installed. You can also try to grow it in a greenhouse.

What other concerns have you encountered while planting dragon fruit? We would love to know about it. Share you tips with us on Facebook or tweet us about it.

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