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Plum Baby Foods – Plum Organics

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Plum baby foods offer a healthy alternative to jarred baby food.  Everyone wants the best in nutrition for their little ones, but jars filled with overcooked fruits and veggies are not always as nutrient packed as parents would like.  You can make your own baby food but it is time consuming and often expensive as fresh fruits and veggies are not always in season. There is a simple solution that will allow your child to have an organic fruit snack or a full organic meal and that is Plum baby foods.

Plum baby foods offer an array of organic food items that come in a convenient, easy to carry pouch that is resealable.  The pouch can also be attached to a special spoon that allows for easy feeding for your precious little one. The baby lines starts with six single pureed foods and moves up to seven fruit pairs that your baby is likely to enjoy.  As your little one is ready, full pureed fruit and vegetable meals are available.  The combinations and meals are available to meet the needs of your little one.

Once your little one has become a mobile toddler then a healthy snack product is even more important.  Plum Fiddlesticks are gluten free and easy to hold in three organic flavors. Plum will keep your baby happy and healthy with the totally organic foods and snacks.

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