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Polyphenol Antioxidant Fruits Like the Strawberry Guava Contain More ProVitamin A

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Strawberry GuavaPolyphenol Antioxidant Fruits Like the Strawberry Guava Contain More ProVitamin A

The strawberry guava is one of the strong antioxidant fruits from Brazil and came over to Hawaii as an invasive species. It is said that the strawberry guava tastes reminiscent of a passion fruit and a strawberry blended together. It is popular to use in making jams.

The unique taste combination also makes it perfect for juice blends and as a favorite with shaved ice. Smoothies benefit from the antioxidant kick as well as the mixing of flavors. It is very popular in all kinds of frozen treats.

The whole fruit is good for eating unlike many fruits where one part or another are discarded. The skin of the strawberry guava is edible and has a bit of a flowery taste. This taste is connected to the unique and highly sought fragrance of the guava flower. Even the seeds are used. They are often used for tea or ground and used as a coffee substitute.

Due to it’s coloration, the Strawberry Guava is a fruit with unique antioxidants and contains all of the major types of pigment linked antioxidants like carotenoids and polyphenols, namely: gallocatechin, guaijaverin, leucocyanidin and amritoside. This coloration like that of other polyphenol antioxidant fruits, makes them higher in pro-vitamin A and retinoid than the apple guava.

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