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Pomegranate and Breast Cancer

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Have you heard?  The pomegranate has been linked to prevent breast cancer!

That’s right, in a report from the Cancer Prevention Research, a team from the City of Hope Cancer Center at Duarte in California, stated, “Estrogen stimulates the proliferation of breast cancer cells and the growth of estrogen-responsive tumours. The aromatase enzyme, which converts androgen to estrogen, plays a key role in breast carcinogenesis.”

That adds the pomegranate to our list of fruit fighting cancer!

So in other words, some forms of breast cancer are links to estrogen.  It’s a wonder how a hormone that does so much good, could also do so much bad.  These researchers discovered that pomegranate has several phytochemical compounds that block androgen from becoming estrogen.

Any fruit that is rich in color is loaded with antioxidants, therefore it is no wonder that the pomegranate is a rich source of antioxidants, like the ellagitannins.

The research team commented that, “Ten ellagitannins-derived compounds including ellagic acid, gallagic acid (etc) were examined for their ability to inhibit aromatase activity and testosterone-induced breast cancer cell proliferation. We identified six with antiaromatase activity.”

Shiuan Chen, the lead author of the research team, mentioned, “We previously found other fruits, such as grapes, to be capable of the inhibition of aromatase”.

So it seems that many antioxidant fruits are capable of preventing cancer, however the researchers warn that these fruit shouldn’t be a substitute for medicine for those that already have the malignant disease.

Other Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer:

  • Get regular mammograms
  • Keep alcohol consumption low
  • Eat well
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise

Other Health Benefits of the Pomegranate:

  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Lowers blood pressure
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