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Pomegranate Beauty Products

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When most people hear the word pomegranate they immediately think of a large reddish colored fruit, but as science progresses the number of fruits with antioxidants used in cosmetics is increasing.  One fruit that has these necessary antioxidants is the pomegranate.


Pomegranate Seeds

The pomegranate is said to have been used for medicinal purposes dating back to 1552 and the uses are still becoming evident today. The ancient Greeks used pomegranate to treat and cure many illnesses and issues including arthritis, circulatory disorders, and digestive issues. Today pomegranate is used for its healing properties with the skin.

While the drinking of pomegranate juice is one way to slow the signs of aging, by applying it to the skin as a combination in your chosen makeup the effects can still be felt.  This may be the best option for those who do not like the flavor of pomegranate juice or who cannot find it readily available.  By using beauty products with antioxidant fruits such as pomegranate then simply putting on your daily makeup or completing your skin care regimen will make skin healthier.

Fruits with antioxidants are good for the skin. The antioxidants as well as other properties of the pomegranate are helpful in destroying free radicals.  Free radicals are bad because they can prematurely age skin. In fact some call pomegranate oil an elixir of youth for the skin.

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