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Pomegranates in Beauty Products

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Pomegranates in Beauty Products

Everyone knows that pomegranates are healthy fruits, loaded with anti-oxidants that actually help prevent cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s but what many people don’t realize are the effects that pomegranates have on skin and hair. Pomegranates contain a key chemical that helps to keep blood vessels healthy and regulate blood flow, they also have recently been shown to help in collagen production which helps to “plump” and restore skin.

Making Skin Gorgeous Again
The oil from pomegranates can now be found in many skin care products, lotions and even some make-up. The reason for this rise in popularity, pomegranate seed oil contains excellent moisturizing properties. Wrinkled and dull skin can easily be treated and reversed with this miracle oil thanks to it’s one of a kind fatty acids. Pomegranate seed oil also helps to restore the epidermis and fight aging, something every woman longs for after finding that first wrinkle.

Hair Repair
Pomegranates are wonderful moisturizers and can now be found in shampoos and conditioners such as Burt’s Bee’s products and other popular brands. Softeantioxidant-fruits.comng hair without making scalps oily and improving the texture of hair is another plus of pomegranates. From head to toe, pomegranates are positively one of the world’s most perfect fruits!

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