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Pomegranates Stops Prostate Cancer Cells

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Pomegranates Stops Prostate Cancer CellsPomegranates Stops Prostate Cancer Cells

Currently, there’s no cure for prostrate cancer. Treatment for it involves surgery, suppression of testosterone and radiation. However, recent studies from the Uantioxidant-fruits.comversity of California reveals how the juice from pomegranates may have what it takes to stop the prostate cancer cells.

The testing procedure had researchers inject pomegranate juice on laboratory-cultured prostate cancer cells. The result was a significant cell adhesion, making the cells stick to each other and decreases the chance of spreading.

Pomegranate juice have conjugated fatty acids, flavones, hydrobenzoic acids and phenylpropanoids. These four ingredients are crucial in fighting the migration of the cancer cells. Proponent for the study, Professor Manuela Martins-Green said, “Because the genes and proteins involved in the movement of prostate cancer cells are essentially the same as those involved in the movement of other types of cancer cells, the same modified components of the juice could have a much broader impact in cancer treatment.”

As expected, further studies will begin on how pomegranate juice affects cancer patients. This is a breakthrough in curing cancer. Share your thoughts with us on this matter by leaving a comment below or join us in our discussion on Facebook.

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