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Pomegranates: The Sacred Fruit of the World

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Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate growth in the world has a rich history in nearly every region and religion. Used in foods and medicines, they are mentioned  in medical texts, religious writings and artwork.

Egypt and Greece

Ancient Egyptians thought of the pomegranate as a sign of ambition and prosperity. The pomegranate was used to treat tapeworms and other infections by the Egyptians.

The Greeks serve it during Orthodox holidays.


To Ancient Israel it is remembered as the symbol of  the fertility of the “promised land”. In Judea it was on their coins.


Christ is often pictured with pomegranates in artwork. Broken open it is a symbol of the “Passion” of Jesus.


The Qur’an refers to pomegranates a good  thing that God created.


Azerbaijan holds a Pomegranate Festival in October each year.

Iran and Ancient Persia

The Pomegranate is a sign of fertility in Persian history.  Iran is a place that has a large, good quality harvest each year.


Armenians survived  the genocide by eating only one seed a day at times when they were exiled.


The Hindus believe tha the pomegranate is a sign of fertility as well as prosperity. The whole plant is used in their traditional medicines.


The pomegranate is displayed as a sign of fertility in China.

Here are some products that have pomegranate in them:

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