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Practical Uses of Aronia Berries

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aronia berries

Practical Uses of Aronia Berries

Despite their not so appetizing alias, the aronia berry, or choke berry, is actually a superfruit that is both easily accessible and practical for human consumption.  Aronia berries grow naturally in the United States but are becoming a profitable industry as well because of their health benefits.  Insects, animals, and disease are inclined to leave the fruit along, making them easy to grow, care for, and profit from.  The black chokeberry has the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but red chokeberries are just as tasty.  Despite their namesake and initial bitter, dry flavor, choke berries can be consumed in a variety of ways.  In Eastern Europe, the berries are popular for wine and tea, often combining the aronia with apple to temper its bitterness.  Drying the berries and combining with white tea leaves or other dried fruit produces a unique breakfast tea.  The juice of the aronia berry is not just good for drinks, but also for syrup. Berries and chocolate are a classic dessert, and combiantioxidant-fruits.comng the two in a muffin is even better. These aronia white chocolate muffins sound delicious.  Here’s to flavorful snacks and good health!

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Saturday 26th of May 2012

There are several cultivars that each would have its own characteristics and taste. You mention a CHOKECHERRY, the description you give it sounds like a chokeberry. Are those you are eating currently almost black? If so those would be a chokeberry.

We also find that some of the wild berries have a different task and chemical makeup than a cultivated berry. Wild blueberry vs a cultivated berry is a good example.


Thursday 24th of May 2012

Where I grew up in SD we gathered pails and pails of these choke cherries every late summer for making chokecherry jelly. There is nothing to compare with the delicious flavor of that jelly. I am wondering if the eastern choke cherry is different from the western plant, since I have lived in NY now for 15 years and have not seen any that look like I am expecting them to look like, smallish trees with very heavy crops of berries that taste good but cause an almost choking sensation in mouth and throat if you eat them.