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Preventing Gout Attacks with Bob’s Red Mill Tart Cherries

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Bob's Red Mill Dried Tart Cherries -- 8 oz

Gout is a painful joint issue that can come on suddenly if the level of uric acid gets built up in the bloodstream and causes inflammation of a joint. It may also present as kidney stones. Gout can cause acute onset of stiffness, painful burning sensation, and swelling within one joint, often a big toe.

Unless gout is treated, the flare-ups can occur again and again. In time, it will result in damage your joints, tendons, and other tissues.  In the US, there are some estimated 8.3 million adults that have gout. If you have gout, there are medicines available for treatment, which can help. The attacks may still continue, however.

How can Bob’s Red Mill Tart Cherries help? In search of additional remedies, a recent scientific study discovered just how much dried and fresh cherry benefits gout sufferers. For one year, the study followed 633 people with gout. For those that tried cherry extract or fresh cherries for just 2 days, their risk of gout attacks was lowered by 35% compared to those who did not eat cherries. What’s more, those who ate cherries and also took a gout medication (allopurinol) lowered their chance of gout attacks by a whopping 75%.

How do cherries do it? Cherry nutritional properties are exceptional. A tart cherry is not only packed with Vitamin C, it contains two powerful compounds, bioflavonoid, and anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant. Both of these halt the enzymes, which is what helps to prevent and relieve inflammation type arthritis and gout. And Bob’s Red Mill is a name many people trust for quality, fresh and healthy foods.

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