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Rainier Cherries

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Raiantioxidant-fruits.comer CherriesRainier Cherries

If you know anything about the different types of cherries, you won’t be surprised that Rainier cherries are some of the most expensive. Their sweetness and tender (but firm) texture are one of the reasons they cost so much more, but many people find this understandable once they’ve tried them. Rainier cherries are often a pinkish yellow in color and can only be picked from late June to mid July. This is an extremely small window of time, which contributes to their higher price. On top of this, birds absolutely love Rainier cherries. If you are growing some, watch out for them or else you’ll see 1/3rd of your cherries “magically” disappear!

You are most likely to find fresh Rainier cherries in states like Washington, Oregon, and California. Some are even imported from Chile and Canada. You can grow your own though if you want fresh Rainier cherries every summer. Keep in mind that these trees often grow to over 35 feet so you will need to prune them if that is an issue. Not only will the tree bear the cherry fruit in the summer, but it will also have pinkish white flowers blossom on it in the spring.

Because Rainier cherries are so sweet, they usually aren’t made into pie filling – the taste would just be too strong. That being said, they are the types of cherries that you can pick and eat immediately. In fact, this is how most people prefer to consume them. Others are fans of making Rainier cherry jams.

Rainier cherries have similar health benefits as other sweet cherries, although they are not as healthy as tart cherries like the choke cherry. They are low in fat and contain no sodium or cholesterol. They are fiber-rich fruits and contain vitamin C.

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