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Recipe for Peach Pie and Other Peach Treats

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Apple pie may be an American icon, but peach pie can be just as delicious. Moms make some incredible homemade apple pie during the holidays, but peaches are a close second as a tasty (and potentially healthy) dessert ingredient.  Before becoming a Western favorite, the fuzzy fruit originated in the Far East but is now grown all over the world.  Peach trees are appearing more and more in residential yards instead of the traditional apple tree.

Very few ingredients are required for a wide range of delicious peach desserts.  The same basic ingredients can be used as a recipe for peach pie, a crunchy peach cobbler recipe, and a fresh peach cobbler recipe.  A crust or “cobbler” crumble simply requires cold water, butter, flower, and some sugar while sliced peaches, cinnamon, and sugar make an easy filling.  For greater ease, trade fresh peaches for a good canned brand to create a canned peach cobbler recipe.  While the standard peaches and cream recipe is a classic treat, some recipes add a twist with fresh berries or unexpected spices.  In place of cream, a dollop of plain Greek yogurt on any fresh fruit can be a nutritious substitute for cream.

For folks who are crazy about peaches, consider a recipe for peach salsa and one for peach jelly.  Peach orchards have grown in popularity for those who like to pick the fruit straight from the tree, or fresh peaches can be purchased at local farmers’ markets.


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