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Recipe for Smoothies

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Recipes for smoothies can be found all over the Internet.  In fact smoothies make a healthy snack that can be personalized for every member of the family.  For a healthy snack whole milk can be replaced with skim or soy milk and yogurt and tofu can be used as texture.  To make a smoothie simply mix yogurt, milk, and fruit together with ice.  A recipe
for a smoothie is a personal recipe that can be altered based on preference, mood, and available ingredients.

Tofu is great to work with because it can easily be flavored
with fresh fruit.  Tofu also adds a thickness to the smoothie that allows it to be eaten with a spoon if so desired. If using fresh fruit in your smoothie try freezing it for a few hours prior to making the treat.  This allows the ice on the fruit to replace some of the ice in the drink.  Smoothies can serve as a great breakfast or as a snack any time of day. Look online to find a recipe that you would enjoy or go to the kitchen and start creating. No matter what fruit flavors you decide to put into your smoothie it is sure to become a snack that will be asked for over and over.

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