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Red Cherries: A Guide to Varieties and Flavors

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A Preview on Tart CherryChelan cherries are the first cherries to ripen in North America. They are dark, firm, large, and super sweet.

Bing cherries are the most common store cherries. They are exceptionally dark, firm, large and sweet with a heart shape that makes them unique.

Lapin Cherries have the shortest bearing season. If you can get them during the 2 weeks they are available you will find medium dark cherries that are firm, large and sweet.

Lambert cherries have the longest growing season. They are dark red, firm, large, and sweet. These are great fresh cherries but not good pie or jam cherries because they keep their firmness even when cooked.

Tulare cherries are dark red, smaller and more tart than sweet. A good pie cherry.

The Acerola cherry is a medium-dark, large, sweet and sour cherry prized for its high nutrient values.

Sweetheart cherries are the last to emerge in the season. They are bright red, firm, large with a sweet and sour flavor.

Cornelian cherries (Elegant, Pioneer, Red Dawn, and Red Star) are not true cherries. Instead of being related to plums, these red, sweet, pear shaped cherries grow on a tree closely related to the Dogwood.

The Montgomery cherry (aka tart cherry) is a medium sized sour cherry most often used in pies and cobblers.

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