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Relax More Less Stress

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Relax More Less Stress

“Relax More Less Stress” is a great motto for longevity. Stress is an interesting phenomenon. On the one hand, it can help you stay alert, energetic and focused. But on the other hand, too much stress can increase your risk for heart disease. It’s the way we respond to stress that determines the impact on our heart health.

When your body senses danger, it releases a hormone called epinephrine, which makes the heart beat faster and the body prepare for action. People who are often stressed also produce a hormone called cortisol, which raises blood pressure and causes the body to retain fluids. Together, these two hormones make your heart work harder.

If you feel you are experiencing unhealthy levels of stress, it’s time to step back, assess the situation and regain control. I always ask myself, “Will this be that big of a deal tomorrow, in 1 year’s time, in 5 years, etc.” That always helps reduce the stress. Your heart will thank you for it. Here are some tips that may help, and if they don’t, work with a health professional to learn stress management techniques.

Say “No” to Stress

  • Identify things that cause you to feel stressed and try to manage them
  • Take a few 5-minute breaks throughout the day and stretch your muscles to ease tension
  • Get out of the office for a fast-paced walk around the block during lunch. And Exercise!
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy diet. And….Eat to Your Health!
  • Cut back on caffeinated beverages


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