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Rename Ayeasta and Potentially Win $500!

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AyeastaYou might recall our review of Ayeasta, an antioxidant probiotic that has aronia berry in it.

Through October 1st, Ayeasta is holding a renaming contest and if you win, then you win $500!

The top FIVE will be placed on Ayeasta’s Facebook for YOU to vote on.  Based on the votes, they will narrow down the idea names to the top THREE. These THREE will be submitted to an ad agency for consideration. If the name is chosen by the ad agency, that lucky winner will RECEIVE $500. In the off chance that more than one person submits the same name, the prize will be split.

Visit their website to spark those creative juices:

Suggestions emailed to [email protected]. Please place your suggested name in the subject line.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail them at [email protected]

HURRY – you only have until October 1!

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