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Roland Amarena’s Dried Cherries

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Roland Amarena Cherries, Dried, 35.3-Ounce

In a world of seemingly exotic fruits and spices, it can be a bit overwhelming when one considers adding these super fruits to a daily diet and way of life.  How do you add passion fruit, acai berry and the like to your diet?  Unfamiliar fruits can be intimidating when it comes to trying to prepare them. However, it does not have to be this way. There are many healthy and beneficial fruits that are full of the coveted antioxidants and they are so common you probably have eaten them within the last month or so.

Blackberries are rich in disease fighting antioxidants and are easy to find, being easily available in season at most grocery stores, and available in a variety of forms at health stores. The humble yet delicious cherry is also a super fruit in the antioxidant game and is also easy to find. Cherries can be enjoyed fresh, in a concentrate extract, or as dried fruits such as Roland Amarena’s Dried Cherries.

The final comm. On yet powerful super fruit is the tasty blueberry; its healing and regenerative powers are well known among the health food junkies. Also easy to obtain, they make a delicious snack and are easy to add to a variety of dishes to incorporate into your daily diet. So as you can see, you don’t need fancy exotic expensive foods to take advantage of antioxidants!

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