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Rustic Fruit Desserts

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Rustic Fruit Desserts

Rustic Fruit DessertsRustic Fruit Desserts is a book on simple and traditional desserts from local fruits which you can make easily in your home anytime. Indexed with cakes, cobblers, custards and grunts, the desserts vary using many kinds of fruits. Chef Cory Schrieber, a James Beard awardee, teamed up with owner of Baker & Spice, Julie Richardson from Portland are the co-authors of this little book of desserts.

Some fruits are seasonal but most can be found in your local fruit market or grocery. The step by step instructions are easy to follow and lets you learn how to make ice cream, jam, pandowdies, pies, puddings and tarts in under an hour.

Fruits like apples, berries, plums, cherries, pears and grapefruits are only some of the featured fruits. The book gives life on desserts using peaches, grapes and oranges. There are also useful baking tips and baking stories to guide you further.

Whether you want to have them at the end of a meal or simply a scrumptious snack, Rustic Fruit Desserts provides many choices for a healthy and tasty moment for you and your guests can enjoy.

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