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SAMBAZON Organic Freeze Dried Antioxidant Superfood

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SAMBAZON Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc Freeze-Dried Acai Powder, Antioxidant Superfood, 90-Gram Jar

The history about Acai berry is very interesting to know about. It is grown in a palm tree of Euterpe oleracea species. It is found in the Amazon rainforest which is in Brazil, South America. The native people of the region call it indegena and have used this fruit for hundreds of years. It is a part of the traditional food of the local people living in Amazon. It was not until much later that it was introduced to the world in the 1990’s. Yet the demand of this fruit is expanding very rapidly in the recent years.

Every fruit has its own special super powers. So, what do acai berries have? A large amount of antioxidants, fibers, healthy fats, and amino acids which increases the strength of your immune system. It can also help to prevent cancer. They pack high amount of vitamins  A, B, C, and E. It also helps in reducing the extra weight kept on from cell damage. And acai is also a source of healthy omega oils which have many benefits in addition to being used to treat diarrhea.

What about the acai berry availability in USA? This berry is prepared in many different forms but is not easily available in raw form in USA. It is available in other forms like pills, capsules, powder and in juices like the SAMBAZON Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc Freeze Dried Antioxidant Superfood.

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