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Sapodilla: Good for What Ails You

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Fresh Sapodilla (Nispero) 3lbSapodilla is a tropical, antioxidant rich fruit native to the Central American rain forests. They contain vitamins, minerals and tanantioxidant-fruits.comns which are antioxidants. They also have sugars such as fructose and sucrose. A 100 gram sapodilla supplies 102 calories. There are also 5.6 grams of dietary fiber which makes this fruit a laxative. It also helps protect the membranes of the colon from cancer toxins. The antioxidant tannins  have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

A 100 gram sapodilla also has 24.5 percent of the recommended dose of vitamin C in fruits which benefits immunity and also is an antioxidant. There is vitamin A which improves vision, and is good for healthy skin and mucus membranes. Vitamin A even helps prevents oral cavities and lung cancer. The sugars fructose and sucrose give the body energy. Folic Acid which is also found in Sapodilla help form red blood cells.

Sapodilla (Manilkara Zapota L.) Cutting Live Plants in 4" PotEven the leaves and the seeds are helpful for good health. A drink made by boiling down the leaves has been known to cure coughs and colds. Liquids made from the seeds aids in the removal of kidney and bladder stones. Stings and bites that contain venom can also be treating with boiled leaves of the sapodilla. Sapodilla is also known as Sapota or chikoo, so put it on the top of the list of which fruits are good antioxidants.

Fresh Sapodilla (Nispero) 3lb

Sapodilla (Maantioxidant-fruits.comlkara Zapota L.) Cutting Live Plants in 4″ Pot

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