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Saskatoonberry – More Than Just a Cool Sounding Name

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Saskatoonberry, also called the western serviceberry and known scientifically as amelanchier alnifolia, is a berry that comes from a shrub. This berry is native to North America, usually found in the northern areas of the continent. In fact, this Saskatoonberry – More Than Just a Cool Sounding Nameberry is what the city of Saskatoon in Canada is named after. The fruit of this shrub has both a sweet and nutty taste to it.

Worth a Try?
Saskatoonberries contain vitamins and minerals essential to keeping humans healthy. These include: dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins C, A, E, and some B ones too. In fact, in terms of nutrients, the saskatoonberry is on the same level as the blueberry. As a result, saskatoonberries contain antioxidants due to their dark color, just like blueberries.

This fruit has also been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in vitro, similar to most other antioxidant fruits we mention here. Recently, Canadian growers of the shrub have been moving to get saskatoonberry accepted as another super fruit, along with the likes of the acai berry and blueberry.

How to Prepare
Like many other sweet and fiber-rich fruits, saskatoonberries work well as pie fillings, jams, and ciders. Some people like to dry them and add sugar to make a trail mix with other fruits and nuts too. The Aboriginals in Canada actually love to use saskatoonberry as a flavorful preservative for dried meat. Unlike some fruits high in antioxidants (namely aronia berries), you can eat this fruit raw without it being too astringent.

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