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See Better with Honeydew

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See Better with HoneydewSee Better with Honeydew

As you grow older, it’s only natural to be concerned over your eyesight. It is often a sign of aging when you begin to have bad eyesight and you need to wear eyeglasses. Studies have shown that one of the best source of eyesight nutrition is the fruit known as the honeydew.

A variety of the melon, the honeydew is of light green smooth skin with a sweet aroma and light green flesh. It is a summer favorite since it is often harvested during the months of May to October.

The ripe honeydew is your objective. It is more nutritious and better tasting when the fruit is rightly ripened. It is juicy and succulent with a sweet flavor. It is also quite low in fats and calories.

High in fiber, potassium and Vitamin C, the honeydew is also a carrier of the powerful antioxidant zeaxanthin. This antioxidant is a type of carotenoid which promotes good eyesight and deters macular degerenataion.

Other eyesight improvement tips are eating fruits like Chinese Schizandra Berry (Magnolia Vine), the billberry and the hawthorn since they are rick in Vitamins A, C,  and E.

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