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Sensible Foods Dried Fruit

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Sensible Foods dried fruit is a healthy alternative for snacking.  Put down the salty chips and pretzels and give Sensible Foods dried fruit a chance.  A dried fruit healthy snack is better for your body, mood, and overall health than something that can be grabbed from a vending machine or food cart. Sensible Foods dried fruit is available in three crunch dried snacks combinations.  So whether you are in the mood for orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc dried tart cherries mixed with berries and apples or an orchard or tropical blend, this is the snack choice for you.

These snacks are even great as an after school snack or as an addition to any lunch box.  Just add the mixed dried fruit into trail mix or even a salad as an added flavor combination and healthy alternative to croutons or other toppings. Entice children and adults to try new foods with the added sweetness of dried fruit.  Adding dried fruit to yogurt can even be a great alternative to ice cream.  There are so many foods that can benefit from the addition of dried fruit or it can be a stand alone snack.  The choices are endless.

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