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Significance of Antioxidant in Fruit and Vegetables

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Fresh fruit and vegetables

Most of us make it a point to include a few fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, because we have been told that they are good for our health. Well, what you heard is absolutely true, but have you ever wondered what makes these fruits and vegetables such a healthy food? In addition to vitamins and essential minerals, they are rich in antioxidants as well. Antioxidant fruits and vegetables help to protect the body cells from wear and tear and damage inflicted by free radicals.

Importance of Antioxidants in Your Diet

The free radicals are very dangerous and have been proven to cause many chronic, long standing and life threatening health disorders like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  In short, the antioxidant in fruit and vegetables in your daily diet will help in leading a disease free and healthy life. Antioxidants are also proven to influence the aging process favorably and help you in looking younger for a longer period as compared to people who do not consume them regularly.

How to Choose the Most Beneficial Vegetables and Fruits?

Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables are easily available for daily use. While it is true that almost all of the fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, researchers have found out a way to grade them with respect to their antioxidant content. High ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) levels correspond to high antioxidant content of fruits and vegetables. Some of the toppers in this category are prunes, berries, alfalfa sprouts, kale, spinach, beet, cherries etc.

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