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Sinful and Healthy Snacking: Go Bananas!

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Next Organic Bananas Dark Chocolate Covered, 4-Ounce (Pack of 3)Sometimes you just need a decadent snack to spoil yourself. It might seem like anything chocolate would be naughty, but chocolate is good for you in small quantities and pairing it with orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc bananas can help you kick the guilt factor. Actually, the banana is a very cool fruit. They might be the oldest cultivated plants grown in the world. Originally from Southeast Asia and the tropical South, they are truly cosmopolitan as today, as they are grown in over 100 countries. Not only do they taste great and cost relatively little, they are also surprisingly good for your health.

The bananas’ nutrition data are impressive, both for their vitamins and minerals. So, in the banana, what vitamins do they contain? For starters, it’s an outstanding source of vitamin-B6. Just a single cup of banana fruit  provides over 40% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). Also, one of the vitamin B6 compounds, pyridoxine, plays a beneficial role in treating neuritis (nerve inflammation) and anemia, and thus helps with brain function and energy conversion. In addition, it is instrumental in reducing the levels of homocystine, which is believed to be a contributing cause of stroke episodes and coronary artery disease.

When it comes to minerals, the potassium levels in a banana are very high. One cup of fruit covers 23% of the RDA of this mineral. Potassium is a necessary part of cell and body fluids. It assists the body with controlling blood pressure and  heart rate while helping repair damage caused by sodium.

Furthermore, the banana fruit is a good source of vitamin C, as one cup contains over 30% of the RDA. Eating foods high in vitamin C assists the body in developing resistance to pathogens and to scavenge damaging free-radicals. This is nice to know so that you don’t feel guilty about how sweet they are when you reach for something like Next Organic Chocolate Covered Bananas to spoil yourself with.

Next Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc Bananas Dark Chocolate Covered, 4-Ounce (Pack of 3)

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