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Small’s Fruit Farm

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Small's Fruit FarmStrawberry season begins on June for this stately pick your own fruit farm located at 1844 194th St. Mondamin, Iowa, USA. The Small’s Fruit Farm is a 40-acre orchard of apples and more. The farm lets you pick out strawberries and raspberries from last week of May to third week of July.

Much like other fruit picking farms, the Smalls offer tours. Their pie tour includes pie and ice cream as part of the tour. Another tour offered is the basic farm tour that show you how the farm operates. From picking apples, making cider from them to a hay ride, there are also popcorn for all to share. You can also bring your own snacks for the tour.

The Small Fruit Farm also has other products made from the fruits on the farm. Their cider comes in apple, cherry and raspberry flavors. Apple gift boxes are also an option if you want to send some to family and friends afar.

More items can be found at the Small’s u pick farm. Have you tried their sugar-free spreads and cherry butter? Give your review on them by leaving us a comment below or post it on Facebook.

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