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Soursop and Your Skin

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Soursop and Your SkinSoursop and Your Skin

There is generally one thing that most women share and it is the issue of vanity and clear, beautiful skin. Having a beautiful skin by eating fruits that are considered anti-oxidant and rich in vitamins is one alternative. And one such fruit is the soursop.

The guyabano or sour sop is the fruit from the graviola tree. The flesh of the fruit is high in carbohydrates and has considerable amounts of vitamins C, B1, B2, potassium and dietary fiber.

It is a green fleshy fruit with tiny spikes. When it is unripe, it’s quite hard to the touch but just like the avocado, when it is ripe, the fruit’s skin becomes tender and you can press your thumb onto the flesh of the fruit to check how ripe it is.

The soursop is known to be a helpful plant when you get skin eruptions, leprosy, wounds and eczema. Aside from this, you also benefit from the antioxidants in the fruit which can give you younger looking skin.

The sour and sweet tast of the soursop might take a while to get used to. Do you know any recipes of this tropical fruit? Leave a comment or join us on Facebook.

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Thursday 26th of February 2015

Bonjour , pourriez vous me dire ou je pourrai me procurer le corossol , ou une plante graviola