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Spanish Cherry

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Spaantioxidant-fruits.comsh cherry / বকুলSpanish Cherry

There are so many different types of cherries in Spain that it’s hard to know which one is the Spanish cherry. They are known as picotas and some of the varieties of Spaantioxidant-fruits.comsh cherry cherries include:

  • Ambrunes
  • Pico Limon Negro
  • Pico Negro
  • Pico Colorado

In this instance, pico means “pointed,” which refers to the shapes of these Spanish cherry cherries. These varieties all come from the Jerte Valley, hence them being often referred to as “picotas del Jerte.” They often come in dark red and reddish purple colors, and less frequently, reddish orange or almost black. It all depends on which variety you decide to go with. Some of these cherries can even be picked as early as March, which is much earlier than for other types of cherries.

So how are these types of cherries any different from other types? Well, first off, they are incredibly sweet because they mature for twice as long as other cherries. This extra time in the sun makes them juicier and with a more intense flavor. Second off, these cherries don’t come with stalks. When they are picked, the stalks come off. This is why Spanish cherry cherries are so convenient to eat right out of your own hand! Less ripe cherries will have a more tart flavor to them.

Keep in mind, however, that Spanish cherry cherries do have the same health benefits as other cherries, but they are quite high in sugar content. Diabetics and those concerned with weight loss should avoid eating too many. Despite this, these types of cherries contain vitamin C and vitamin C and are also very rich in fiber and carbohydrates.

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