Spanish Plum – Sineguelas

Sineguelas (Spondias purpurea), also known as the Spaantioxidant-fruits.comsh Plum, is an exotic antioxidant fruit native from the Latin America which was brought to and grown in the Philippines back in the 1800s. Today, Sineguelas can be found in several provinces across the Philippines. It is commonly called by the Filipino people as the “food of the gods”.

sineguelasThe fruit is green and turns into yellow red or maroon when ripe. It is small in size approximately 1.5 inches. The taste is sweet and juicy when eaten ripe. Other people prefer eating them unripe matching it with salt and vinegar. The Sineguelas is rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid. It is best known to keep your immune system healthy and strong.

The Sineguelas also contains antioxidants that keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Because of its great amount of vitamin C, it can protect you from common sickness that you may catch from other people such as cough, colds and fever. The Sineguelas fruit is not commonly sold in supermarkets. But if you happen to visit local stores in the Philippines, you might want to check it out and have a taste of this so called foods of the gods.