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Special Deal from Vitamix Blenders

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Vitamix 4500In celebration of November, Vitamix has deemed it Recon Month. This means that they are lowering the prices on all of their certified reconditioned machines. Just in time for the holidays, huh? If you’ve never heard of Vitamix, you’re in for a treat. It’s a blender that really seems to do the trick. It absolutely pulverizes any vegetables, fruits, etc. that you place inside of it. It also comes with a tamper to allow you to push even more food down into the device.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current deals:

Keep in mind, this offer only lasts until December 2nd, so you should hop right on if you’re interested. Vitamix are well-known for supplying high quality blenders, and a simple Amazon search of reviews of their products speaks to this. Many Vitamix blenders, outside of the rather basic models, can handle quite a bit of food of varying consistencies without a problem. They cannot be washed in the dishwasher, but the cleaantioxidant-fruits.comng process is honestly not bad! On top of that, you’ll be able to make the super antioxidant fruits smoothies of your dreams that are tailored to fit exactly what your body needs. Low in potassium? Throw some avocados in there!

Use Vitamix Promotion Code “06-007152” to GET FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ($25US/$35CN) 1-800-848-2649

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