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Starfruit: One Fruit with Unique Antioxidants

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Starfruit, is from the Philippines. It gets its name because of its five ridges. These make it so that when sliced it resembles a star. Sometimes the number of ridges can be higher. It is yellow with a smooth and completely edible wax-like skin.

In fact, it turns out that the entire fruit can be eaten. It has been said that eating a starfruit is like having a fruit salad because it has been described as tasting like eating and orange, lemon, apple and pear all at once.

Starfruit are very high in B5 while being one of the best fruits for Vitamin C and and antioxidants. However even being a fruit with unique antioxidants as one of the polyphenol antioxidant fruits, due to the oxalic acid in them, they cannot be consumed by anyone with kidney failure because this chemical cannot be processed. Much like the grapefruit, starfruit also stops certain medicines from being eliminated from the body, so those taking benzodiazepenes or heart medicines, should not eat starfruit.

If you are not one of those lucky enough to be able to have some for a snack high in antioxidants, the juice is used like cola to revitalize tarnished or corroded metals.

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