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Sugarapple: Refreshing Antioxidant Fruit Juice or Useful Hair Tonic?

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SUGAR APPLESugar-apple is originally from the Philippines. Its flesh is a yellowish white and is soft and gooey. Some types are segmented like citrus. It has a very pleasing aroma and tastes like sweet custard. Unlike many other fruits, the sugar apple is high in iron.

It is probably not surprising due to its sweet flavor that this fruit is high in fructose and therefore calories. However, this lends it to being an excellent flavoring for wines and jams as well as adding sweetness to tart recipes and paired with lemons and limes.

A favorite antioxidant fruit juice blend is to pair the sweet fruit with tart citrus fruits similar to a cherry limeade or strawberry lemonade. This is really good to have with a meal because not only do you get  an antioxidant punch, but there is the added benefits that come with sugarapple fruits that help digestion.

There are other benefits and uses of fruits like the sugarapple when some of the parts are not edible. For example, the seeds and leaves are not edible, but are used as a hair tonic to stimulate the scalp and a lice treatment for the head and the hen house. It has been recognized by Bayer who holds patents on it’s chemicals as medicine and a bio-pesticide.

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