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Sunny Lane Aronia

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Sunny Lane AroniaIn 2001, Teresa’s Fruit and Herb Farm began to become one of the organic fruit farms in Eureka, Illinois, USA. On 3 acres, the farm began to produce over 30 kinds of fruit and herbs. Among the fruit, the Viking Aronia plants were the most productive that on 2006, Teresa’s Fruit and Herb Farm added 1200 aronia plants and the farm became Sunny Lane Aronia.

You pick aronia berries is also offered by Sunny Lane Aronia. This is due to its bountiful harvest during late July and August. The farm welcomes your help on picking the berries but instead of you paying them for the U-pick activity, Sunny Lane Aronia will pay $0.50 per pound you pick to your submitted charity, club or organization.

Food and drinks will be provided for this fun-filled fundraiser. You can contact Teresa at [email protected] for more detail.

Sunny Lane Aronia sells fresh aronia, frozen packaged aronia (so you can enjoy them all year long), aronia berry jam, aronia berry jelly, hot pepper aronia jam (mixed with 8 to 10 hot pepper varieties), aronia juice and aronia berry tea.

Where do you go to buy aronia? We would love to know. Leave us a comment below or share it on Facebook.

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Theresia lans

Friday 12th of September 2014

Hello I have your recipe to make the Aronia berry jam, and it didn't set Been about 15 hours now could you help me to correct this to make it set I followed your recipe completely

Thomas Wahl

Tuesday 16th of August 2011

Will you have aronia berries to sell and, if so, at what price?